Modern Feminism sucks ...

I felt inspired to write a post about modern feminism, purely because I keep having conversations with women who believe in the power of feminism today & that I should fall in line with these beliefs because I am a woman.

I do not judge; nor am I here to tell you what/who to believe, I am merely speaking upon my own thoughts/feelings/opinions in the hope of giving another side to what it means to be a woman.

At this point it's probably a good idea for me to tell you that I am not a feminist. I probably will not be a feminist in the near future nor do I believe in modern feminism being a constructive platform for women right now.

That said, my beliefs are ever changing; I have the humility to admit when I'm wrong & adjust my beliefs to the knowledge I have gained.

Feminism, in the early days, has pioneered women to vote, enabled us to be accepted into the education system, arts world. As well as, pull us away from oppressive ideals of what we can, can't or shan't do & into roles our feminine ancestors could only hope for.

Modern feminism however, represents an antonym to all that the feminist movement has achieved in the past & doing nothing of the sort in terms of pioneering women.. well maybe the '#free the nipple' movement could be loosely classed as a feminist movement but for why / what I don't know.

Modern Feminism, to me, is a message that is quite hard to articulate or understand.

When I have asked someone to explain what message feminism is trying to communicate right now I am usually met with passive aggression & a 'you ought to know since you possess a vagina' attitude.

Yet, I notice, a man asking these questions & a soft, altruistic & 'feminine' approach is usually given... figures.

Almost, every time I have been able to get far enough to obtain an answer as to what feminism means today it is usually, 'for equal rights' which, honestly, infuriates me.

I am in no way against equality or equal rights. However, I do not feel equality should be the true fight/cause of feminism right now, as not all women are equal to each other nor do they have access to all the opportunities that some women experience.

In my opinion, equality is a humanitarian issue. full stop. We should be treated equally because we are humans. Which is a different fight altogether. Surely, we cannot begin to fight for equality within feminism if not all women are accessing equality within their own movement.

Surely, if the feminist movement continued, the pioneering of 'women only' issues and problems need to be addressed? i.e.: tax on tampons? or free tampons for the homeless? or, perhaps, maybe even free tampons for all women? In my mind, that is where feminism needs to be going, not 'freeing your nipple'.

I have nothing against being confident with your own flesh I just don't understand the message and what the end result is for.

Is feminism today fighting for the cause of many women out there, struggling to pay for childcare in order for them to go back to work to even have the opportunity to be paid the same as any man..? Or educating young women on the effects of our hormones...? I'll wait.

Further to that, has a well paid man ever even had first day period symptoms? No.

However, all women equal paid or not, know all too well the psychological & physical effects of our menstrual cycle. So why is feminism not fighting for women recognised rights/ values like, for example, having the first day of your period off work so you are able to rest and honour your cycle?

These are just a few examples of how I feel feminism could help women right now.

For me the blatant problems with feminism is women getting their boobs out in the name of this so called liberation, lack of a universal message, lack of direction & a lack of a true understanding of what all WOMEN need to succeed. Straight up. Feminism is fighting against a lot of women and striving for equality in a movement that doesn't actually represent all women or their struggles.

Simple observations would break down that feminism at large only represents white middle - upper class women, so naturally their only fight is with the white man since they hold every other privilege, equality with the white man as their last & only fight. This is not a true representation of all women and their fight!

Which leads me very nicely onto my opinion, feminism right now sucks D**k. White d**k at that.

So what do we do now? Continue to fight a battle that seems pretty futile? Do I continue to disagree and feel ostracised by a movement that is supposed to include me but I feel is only trying to include me because of a 'strength in numbers' mentality?

I have yet to answer those questions.

I think the best thing to do would be to create my own movement, in the name of feminism. Since we already have a well established infrastructure where women are meant to be being strengthened.

I will finish with this, I think it's time women stood for women to strengthen themselves one by one until we are all at the point where humanitarian equality is the only fight left.

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