"F**k people, Do Yoga." Unsolicitied Dating advice from Afrolion.

I am no dating professional nor am I a serial dater, I do believe in love and I do believe in dating.. if that's something to believe in...

I'm sure what I'm about to say you will :

a.) Relate to

b.) Understand

& c.) feel like you're not a mad person constantly questioning whether your motives are to do with; the full moon, new moon or any other cosmic reasonings you can come up with.

That said, let me enlighten you with my dating profile;

I am a single female under 30, which, apparently, means I'm in my 'prime' dating phase..... Ahahahaha!!

Pfffft! If prime means ogling any bit of eye candy I don't even know on instagram then we are onto something!

Dating, as it seems, has turned into another thing we do to entertain ourselves from the daily routine of life; disposable, readily available & faceless.

Not my idea of fun.

Also, there are far far too many rules on this! Don't text back straight away, let them talk, let them approach, if after 3 days.... blahhhhhhhh blahhhhhhhhh.

I am a direct person, so these rules I do not care for or even consider! Straight up, almost rude, honesty is what I prefer...That said, the brutal response of "I'm busy" after I had let my feelings be known still didn't make me feel any better about the object of my affections honesty. *sigh*


Instead of focussing on the 'lack of' I thought I should focus on something to benefit me. With this thought * Yoga * came to mind (maybe I was feeling tense).

I grabbed my iPad from the counter & rapidly typed 'yoga for beginners' into the search bar... sooooo many videos filled the screen! Where to begin!? I clicked on a few, skipped to the middle & listened to their voice to see if I liked the sound of it.

After a few unsuccessful and nasal-y vids I finally landed on a good one.

'Yoga with Adriene' read the title.

Her voice was easy to listen to, essential in my opinion; he took it super slow and easily broke down the moves.

After 20 minutes I was in my zen & texting the guy ..haha I'm kidding, I was in my zen though.

I would highly recommend 10 mins of Yoga each morning to set you up and clear out your thoughts, even if it is for those few moments.

Plus, you'll get a fyahhhhh body & flexibility! Very necessary for when that Demi God comes strolling your way.


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